marți, 16 iunie 2015

Markantonio - Last Way (Goko7 Remix)

                                                   Hope You Enjoy:

Markantonio - Last Way (Goko7 Remix) Bpm. 123.00 Key. Cm

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As one of Italy’s homegrown techno titans, Markantonio has worked tirelessly for more than a decade to bring the rugged side of electronic music to the forefront. Since 2001, the Naples-based artist — born Markantonio Picone — has been releasing consistent, quality tracks on his own signature label AnalyticTrail. Along the way, his formidable Italian stable has become a hotbed for both emerging and established international techno talent, including the likes of Joseph Capriati, Davide Squillace and Paco Osuna, among others. Now here’s your chance to make your mark. Ready to be crowned our latest Beatport Play champion? Make an impact this summer by remixing Markantonio’s latest pulsing dancefloor weapon “Last Way,” taken from his recent debut album ‘Musichemistry.’ Enter our latest Play remix contest by June 22 for your chance to win our exclusive grand prize including a Lindell Plugin Channel X package an official release on Markantonio’s own AnalyticTrail.

Thank You All!!