miercuri, 4 februarie 2015

Goko7 - Burn Residency 2015

Hope You Enjoy  And Vote : https://apps.facebook.com/burnresidency/dj-profile/329

Goko7 - Burn Residency 2015 Bpm 122.00

Hello everyone I'm Goko7 from Romania. This is my 20 minutes mix for Burn Residency 2015. Please listen and VOTE for me if you like it THANKS FOR SUPPORT


• Win 100.000 EUR investment into your DJ Career! Launch your talent to the stars!
• Selected DJs partake in burn Residency Bootcamp held in Ibiza in July, presided over by international DJ Superstars. Last year’s mentors included the likes of Carl Cox and Pete Tong.
• 3 DJs selected after the bootcamp will be awarded a summer-long residency at the top clubs in Ibiza.
• From the 3 final winners 1 Superstar Winner will be chosen and awarded with an investment equivalent of 100,000 Euros.

How to enter

• Go to burn Residency Facebook app and sign up with your Facebook account.
• Submit a 15:00 to 20:00 minute mix via app. In order to do so you need to have a Mixcloud account. If you don't have one – you will be able to create one within the app.
• Start sharing your mix with your network – the more likes you have, the higher are your chances to win.


• The central jury will comprise of prominent DJs, electronic music industry leaders and influencers. Find out more about them on the burn Residency Facebook app
• The central jury will evaluate mixes objectively, based on pre-defined criteria: creativeness, skill/quality and commercial potential.
• 3 DJs awarded residencies will play in the top clubs in Ibiza for the full summer... Your submissions need to impress!                                                                                                       

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Brodanse - Train Of Thought Feat. Elli (Goko7 Remix)

Hope You Enjoy : http://play.beatport.com/contests/brodanse-train-of-thought-feat-elli/54ad66aa753a0d789506825a

Brodanse - Train Of Thought Feat. Elli (Goko7 Remix) Bpm. 126.00 Key Em

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Thank You All!!


‘Red Hot’ sibling duo Austen and Scott Smart (together as Brodanse) have come through the global ranks to become accomplished DJs and producers in their own right. Now, their latest effort, “Train of Thought” devastates the dancefloor with deep, dark moodiness and subterranean groove, proving that the London-based brothers should be considered alongside current chart-topping duos like Dusky, Groove Armada, Art Department and many others. One spin and you’ll know, it’s tailor-made for a marathon after-hours session down in a pitch-black, sweat-drenched basement. Ready to make your mark by winning our latest Play competition? Confidently launch into the New Year by reworking Brodanse’s tech house tumbler “Train of Thought” featuring chanteuse Elli. Enter our latest Play remix contest by February 2, 2015 for your chance to win our exclusive grand prize including Sensorcom custom ear plugs and an official release on Brodanse’s label Danse Club.

Thank You All!!